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Branches of HHMI

Branches of HHMI

CARE MINISTRY - We hosted a free Honoree Dinner from 2006-2014 enabling family and friends to honor their loved ones.  From these special dinners seniors began to follow the ministry requesting phone calls, visits and some are Volunteers from home.  Our Care Ministry was birthed from this group of seniors. We make weekly phone calls, send cards, make home visits and send voice recorded messages as needed.



FRIENDLY CALLERS - We receive referrals from families and friends.  Such calls are much needed for many of the clients have little or no family. We can call clients as often as possible, at least twice (2) a month. Due to the many viruses that are present we are no longer visiting for safety reasons.



HOLIDAY MEAL GIVEAWAY - We have partnered with The Rousseau Foundation, Inc. to bless several home bound seniors with a fully cooked meal on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  



PASTORAL CARE - Our ordinated clergy have committed themselves to serve our seniors with in-home Bible study, communion, home/hospital visits, overnight end-of-life support per family requests and more..  


We acknowledge the sacredness, dignity and worth of all persons.  We further acknowledge the vast brokeness in the physical, social, mental emotional and spiritual dimensions of human life and the individuals quest for wholeness.  Provide an Invitation to receive Salvation.



SOCIAL SERVICES - We provide Eldercare Information and Referrals for Frail Elderly and Seniors 60+.  We Support Caregivers with in-services, information and agencies who will answer their questions and assist with help caring for their loved one.  



WEEKLY SCRIPTURE - In June 2014 Elder Melton began sending voice recordings every Monday morning generated to over 75 recipients by a company database and growing, this recording is known by many as "The Scripture of the Week".


Everyone needs inspirational encouragement.   Why not start your week with a scripture for the week.  If you desire to be added to our database please submit your contact information on our Contact Page.  This service is free of charge and you can freely remove your name at anytime.



Global Missions

Global Missions

World and Hands.jpg

Missions is very important to us!       


Although we are commissioned to provide Social Services and Pastoral Care at the community level which is Domestic Missions we have a heart for world evangelism.  Therefore, we have partnered with one of our Board Members Missionary/Evangelist Lorraine Williams who is on the mission field full-time in Phoenix, Arizona and over the years we have seen the actual fruit of her labor.  Her bio can be reviewed on "Our Team" page.  Help us to continue this great work and become a Sponsor to support her.  All donations are tax-deductible and will go directly to our Missionary/Evangelist.

Helping Hands
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What People Says About Us

I was involved in the Basket of Love project started March 2017. I am amazed at the response I got from the recipients that I had referred . The people were overwhelmed and so excited when they got the baskets . They said there were things in the baskets that they use and need and some times have a hard time getting .God inspired Elder Milton to do this and it is a very good thing . I am so happy to be a part of this ongoing community outreach effort for the seniors .

Mrs. Gladys W. Tucker

Philadelphia, PA

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