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Our Commission

HHMI is a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit ministry committed to the Frail Elderly and Senior communities.  Volunteers began to lend their talents and time to the ministry extending their hands to our senior community, their caregivers and families. These unique Volunteers of all ages believe in this Vision and have been dedicated to serve those in need.  


Our primary commission is to provide free Eldercare Information and Resources, Social Services, Referrals, Caregiver Support, Thanksgiving Dinners, and Pastoral Care for those ages 60+.  Our services were created to help eliminate the feelings of loneliness, abandonment, depression, hopelessness and suicides in our senior communities and to lift the burdens of the families that are caring for their elderly/senior loved ones that may become frustrating.  We have been faithfully serving Elders and Caregivers since July 2001.  We are not funded by the government nor are we salaried.  We function by faithful Donors and Sponsors.  We do not require any financial information for Our Services or Outreach efforts.


Our mission is to ......

  • improve the holistic care of any Elderly or Senior who need our services

  • empower the Elderly community with the tools needed to live vibrant lives

  • support the Caregivers and Families in their quest to provide for their loved ones in need

  • support the Caregivers in their personal lives as they caregive and  

  • assist the families with End-of-Life issues

  • direct families or individuals to our on-line directory for resources and

  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ


We do this by working collaboratively with Caregivers, Families, Neighbors, Churches, Healthcare Facilities, Eldercare Agencies and Hospitals. 


In 2009 we began doing Bible Study in St. Ignatius Nursing Home. We hosted a free Honoree Dinner from 2006-2014 from that we incurred senior followers. Our Care Ministry was birthed from these followers.  June 2, 2015 we partnered with Aid for Friends as host site in SW Philadelphia to distribute home cooked meals to the Isolated and Homebound with a friendly visit.


We have earned the trust, respect and recognition of our Mayor, City Counsel, State Representatives, various Companies, Communities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Elders and their Caregivers of our Eldercare Services, Community Outreach Programs and Special Events honoring our seniors.  HHMI reaches out to the often talked about, yet underserved elders who are in the critical time of their life. 


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