For the past 17 years we have stayed committed to the vision and mission of this ministry.  We are not funded or endowed by any group or organization and are grateful for the support given to HHMI.  It has been the support of many that has enabled us to make a difference in the lives of many Elderly and their families.  Your contributions have helped propel this ministry to accomplish the vision God has given us, to provide FREE Social Services.  All contributions are tax deductible with conditions met in accordance with the IRS Income Tax Act. A receipt will be issued for tax purposes.  Will you continue to support us with your tax deductible donations as we continue to provide quality Social Services to our Elderly communities?  








General Donations


Our Ministries monthly out-of-pocket expenses exceeds far beyond our project donations.  Therefore as you donate we can continue to provide free quality services to our Seniors, Caregivers and Families. Any amount is a blessing to us and greatly appreciated.


Together We Can Make A Difference.

"A Home Away from Home" Project

Have you ever felt a loss of a job, pet, friend, loved one, ones self and experienced the feelings of loneliness, abandonment, depression and even thoughts of suicide? Well envision our Elders who have given so much of themselves and now in need of support, understanding and tender loving care. Some with no where to go or scared in their homes for fear of being taken from their homes.  Our Heavenly Rest Personal Care Homes mission will lead in the transition of long-term non-medical care, offering well managed and well lodging for our seniors.  Our goals are to provide a home away from home, offering a safe, comfortable, environment for seniors to receive personal care with non-medical services.  Our staff will operate at all time under the core value established by the ministry which is “love, respect, trust and safety.” Why not become a part of its history?   You may bequest or donate property that you have no further use for!  

"Baskets of Love"

"For Our Treasured Seniors"

These baskets are designed for any frail elderly or senior 60+ who live at home.  Most of the seniors are apprehensive to disclose these additional needs but endure for the sake of living at home. These baskets will consist of personal care items, Treats, Non-perishable and Perishable goods to help in time of need.  No financial information is required.  We also find that it helps the Caregivers and Families who are not able to provide such items needed on a regular basis.  This is an on-going community outreach effort for our seniors.


Holiday/Birthday Gift Bags

We prepare and distribute Holiday/Birthday Gift Bags to those in Nursing Homes without visitors or family, to the Homebound, those in Hospitals and Rehab during Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Birthdays.  These bags are comprised of basic personal care items and goodies.We have found over the years that the recipients are overwhelmed with thanks.  Our main objective is to help eliminate the feelings of lonliness, depression and abandonment.



Due to the overwhelming financial crisis you would be surprised of the many Seniors who are home alone or with a spouse without food.  They live from day to day unnoticed because they learned to master the their lack in the eyes of others.  They fear the possibility of being taken from their comfortable homes due to hunger. We give emergency food from our pantry for those 60+ in crisis situations.

Thanksgiving Cares


We provide Individuals and Families in need during Thanksgiving (1) Free Turkey by our referrals from Churches, Community Development Centers and Neighbors. The pickup date is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Turkey's are limited and on a first come, first serve basis.  Call for more details. 

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