"Baskets of Love" for our Treasured Seniors  60+


This concept was instituted in 2001 but on a smaller scale.  We would give bags of personal care and non-essential household items to those in crisis situations, at that time it was known as "Love Baskets".  As we began to see this ongoing need in our senior/elderly communities we were mandated to meet the needs on a larger scale.  On March 2017 we began assisting the seniors out-of-pocket with white 1.5 laundry baskets filled with the above mentioned items and making it available to any senior 60+.  We have given over 300 baskets and have traveled as far as Maryland. We have since named this outreach effort "Baskets of Love" which is a on-going effort. Many Seniors, Caregivers and families are very greatful for these baskets.

No financial information is required.  They are free of charge.  Baskets are on a first come, first serve basis, no baskets will be held.  Because of Covid-19 this program will be available beginning in May 2021 no names will be taken before May.  You must then call our office to be placed on our list on Thursdays 9AM-11am only. You will be scheduled for pickup date, time and location.  A Photo ID is required at pickup and only (1) basket per Senior and/or Couple.  You or whomever you designate to pickup your basket must wear a mask and sign for your basket. 

"Thanksgiving Cares"


Our Thanksgiving cares is opened to any individual or family in need of a turkey.  We   want to continue being a blessing to families and individuals.  For this outreach to continue to be successful our criteria's of receiving a turkey are as such. 

    1) You must call our office each year between the months of August thru September 30th to be placed on our list if in need of a turkey.

    2) You will be responsible to pick up your own turkey.  No turkeys will be held beyond the scheduled date stated below due to limited space.

    3) The scheduled pickup time for turkeys is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving 9AM-10AM (only)

Donations are welcomed year round and is tax deductible.  All checks can be made payable to Helping Hands Ministry, Inc. and sent to our contact address.

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